47 Criminal Networks in Human Trafficking Operate in Mexico

47 Criminal Networks in Human Trafficking Operate in Mexico

August 27, 2013 La Casa de Jardin

• Removal of organs and tissues; producing and marketing pornography

• They force their victims into organized crime, slavery and servitude

Human trafficking hits one in 550 people worldwide and generates 42 billion dollars illegally, in Mexico there are 47 criminal groups with profits of up to 28 million dollars, according to the civil organization Red Nacional de Refugios, whose victims are more than 16 thousand children.

So says Gilberto Carlos Ornelas, legislator of the Party of the Democratic Revolution in his “Initiative to prevent, treat and eradicate trafficking in persons”, who in his explanatory statement to amend various articles of the state Constitution, said:

“The current circumstances of mankind have stepped into new forms of slavery and exploitation. It is a combination of several crimes that injure the human dignity … especially women and children, indigenous people and migrants “.

The point is that human trafficking “does not focus exclusively on matters relating to sexual crimes or forms of sexual exploitation, but presents aspects until now unknown or decoded as trafficking.”
He indicated that according to the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (UNODC) and the Trafficking in Persons Report of the State Department of the United States of America, “Mexico is listed as a source, transit and destination of human trafficking for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor; considered as the most vulnerable groups of the practice are women and children, indigenous people and undocumented migrants. ”

He mentioned that while human trafficking is not a new phenomenon, “as it was formerly known as the White Slave Trade(trata de blancas), unfortunately today, because of technology and new forms of communication, coupled with various social problems such as public insecurity, poverty , lack of employment, and impunity, its incidence has increased, reflecting itself through the increase in cases of exploitation in the sexual, working, or begging spheres, through forced labor or services for the benefit of organized crime, slavery, bondage, the sale of people, and forced or servile marriages especially in underserved areas; as well as the removal of organs and tissues and the production and sale of pornography. ”

Gilberto Carlos Ornelas proposed the establishment of the Interagency Commission to Prevent, Treat and Eradicate Crimes on Trafficking in Persons, which will among other things, create programs and campaigns for the diffusion of preventive measures, information and training on citizenship, and the risks and consequences of trafficking in persons.

This is a translation. Source: http://www.lja.mx/2013/08/operan-en-mexico-47-redes-criminales-en-trata-de-personas/

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