7 Alleged Pimps Arrested in San Diego

7 Alleged Pimps Arrested in San Diego

June 29, 2012 Human Trafficking

A nationwide sweep targeting child prostitution has put seven alleged pimps in San Diego behind bars.

The three-day sweep known as “Operation Cross Country” was a joint effort between the FBI and local law enforcement. Across the country, over 100 pimps were arrested and nearly 80 children and teens were recovered, according to a statement from the FBI.

Several divisions throughout the country reported arresting alleged pimps — the number of arrests in San Diego was among the highest of any other division. New Orleans authorities arrested highest number of pimps, 10, and San Francisco, Seattle and Oklahoma also arrested seven.

The groups of agencies started the sweep by targeting places like truck stops, casinos and the internet.

Sometimes, individuals are arrested to gain more information, but aren’t necessarily accused of pimping juveniles. The arrests often leads to prostitution rings, according to the statement.

This sweep was a reminder that local child prostitution is a bigger problem than many people realize.

“It is clear that child prostitution and sex trafficking do not just occur somewhere else on the other side of the world,” said Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in a written statement. “These insidious crimes are occurring in American cities and the victims are American kids.”

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