What we do

INH implements the Three Ps Model, adopted by the United Nations, to address human trafficking comprehensively:

  1. Prevention – We offer prevention education presentations to schools, faith based groups and the community at large. We promote local and statewide campaigns such as “No Eres Mercancia” and “Un Billon de Pie.” We also provide specialized training to law enforcement and other first responders and non-governmental organizations.




2. Protection – We provide comprehensive residential services and optimal care to survivors of human trafficking through the Garden House, a group home we founded to address the specific needs of child survivors between the ages of 12-17. The Garden House is the first and only safe house in Baja California designed for young girls recovering from human trafficking. The Garden House provides trauma informed care using a multidisciplinary team approach. Child residents at the home receive intensive case management, mental health counseling, medical and dental care, legal services, on-site schooling, career and job training, arts and recreation, and spiritual support. These specialized services are critical in helping young survivors begin their healing process as well as their reintegration into society.

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3. Prosecution – We work closely with local, state and federal law enforcement from both sides of the border to ensure the safety, protection and confidentiality of survivors of human trafficking, while the authorities prosecute the criminals.