BC Congress Approves New Law to Eradicate Human Trafficking

BC Congress Approves New Law to Eradicate Human Trafficking

July 16, 2013 La Casa de Jardin

Mexicali 28th of June (Notimex). – Baja California Congress unanimously approved the Law to Prevent and Eradicate Crimes on Trafficking in Persons and for the Protection and Assistance to the victims of these crimes.

The opinion 165 of the Commission of Government was read by Julio Felipe García Muñoz, who defined human ttrafficking as the willful act or omission to attract, engage, transport, transfer or retain a person or persons for exploitation.

In its preamble, the deputy explained that this new law to eradicate human trafficking will supersede state law that, for the same purpose, had been enacted since the April 1, 2011.

He added that it will be consistent with Federal Law to Eradicate Trafficking in Persons, which was passed by Congress in session on April 27 last year and that it applies to the entire country.

That way, he said, a legal duality that exists today in the Constitution of Baja California to that federal legal system will be avoided.

In that sense, he said that a channel is given to the established in a transitory article on the Federal Law on Trafficking in Persons referred to.

It is established that states Congress shall undertake the necessary reforms in the field and specific laws in order to harmonize in the pertinent with the new federal order.

“Human trafficking remains a crime with multifactorial causes ,” said the lawmaker.

It has an intimate relationship with figures like pimping, corruption of minors, child pornography, sex tourism, outrages, illegal deprivation of liberty, servitude, forced labor and subjugation, he added.

Deputy Julio Felipe Garcia affirmed that with this new law, the State Executive shall allocate resources for services and protection of victims and injured of the offenses established in it.


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