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The Story behind La Casa del Jardin (Video by iEmpathize)

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INH thanks Brad Riley and Simon Scionka for the excellent video that tells the story about La Casa del Jardin, our "safe house" in Tijuana. TJ Red Binacional de Corazones / iE from iEmpathize on Vimeo.

Regular Classified Ads are Seeked to Prevent Trafficking

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MEXICO CITY, Mexico, in December 15, 2013 -. To prevent classified ads in print, electronic or cyber mediums from being used for the commission of crimes relating to trafficking, the Interministerial Commission on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication crimes Trafficking in People and for the Protection and Assistance to Victims of these crimes, determined to regulate the operation and scope of the mechanisms for surveillance and monitoring of such spaces.

During the Seventh Plenary Session of the Inter-Ministerial Commission, chaired by the Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, it was established that the guidelines approved at that meeting promote the participation of the media in campaigns to prevent the crime of trafficking in persons, and the creation of codes of ethics and self-regulation to prevent the practice of offenses related to this topic. In addition, these guidelines encourage citizen participation in denouncing such ads; they generate the implementation of better practices by the media, and promote coordination with persons and organizations of civil society related to advertising and self-regulation of the media. It was also agreed to boost joint work with the media to advance in the matter and achieve effective self-regulation.

At the meeting of the Interministerial Commission it was also agreed to the formation of working groups to advance the implementation of the Law on the subject. In this regard, in addition to the advisory subcommittee, said groups work on the design of information and dissemination campaigns for the prevention of such crimes and to establish mechanisms to coordinate shelters, halfway houses, shelters and facilities designed for assistance and protection to victims of trafficking.

Also they commit to developing the model of care and protection of victims of trafficking and protocols for the use of procedures and resources for their rescue, the program of social reintegration of victims, as well as designing and implementing the website and database unique to the National Program on the subject, training programs, training and updating for prevention, treatment and punishment of these crimes, and monitoring guidelines for surveillance and monitoring of classified ads. The members of the Interministerial Commission on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of crimes on Trafficking in Persons and the Protection and Assistance to Victims of these crimes, also endorsed the call for selecting representatives of civil society and academia that will participate in the meetings of this Committee itself. In the Seventh Plenary Session the strategy for the development and objectives of its National Program was also presented as well as crime prevention and criminal phenomenon awareness, comprehensive assistance and protection to victims of trafficking, and the drive to improve the enforcement and prosecution of these crimes.

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Tlaxcaltecas Imprisoned for Human Trafficking in the U.S.

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Tlaxcala, Mexico (August 29, 2013). - Twenty tlaxcaltecas are imprisoned in the United States charged with the crime of trafficking for sexual exploitation and human traffickingrevealed the delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Alejandro Sobrino Mogel.

He said all the suspects are already sentenced, some to life imprisonment, and they seek help from the federal agency for repatriation to Mexico, in order to purge his sentence in Mexico.

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Underage offenders always Imprisoned in Human Trafficking Cases

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In Mexico's prisons there are young offenders of the crime of trafficking in persons, and not the leaders of these criminal gangs, who were never located, this was pointed out in a recent interview to this newspaperby Teresa Ulloa Ziáurriz Regional Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America.

The activist said that some years ago, and after she made several complaints and reports ​​to state authorities, that in the said "triangle" minors were trafficked , they finally decided to conduct a police operation, in which they arrested several people, including the "madam" that prostituted them, but, she said, when relevant research was conducted, it turned out she was also a victim of the criminals.

The interviewee says that she no longer remembers the name of the woman who was involved in prostituting minors in the "triangle", she just knows that she was a cousin of the leader of a gang of criminals from Tenancingo, which had been brought to Morelia from 12 years of age to be sexually exploited.

"When this child reached adulthood, she was no longer suitable for this market, she no longer met the requirements, and was then when she was put to care, to introduce the new teenagers, therefore, when the operation was conducted she was detained, she was accused of being the real trafficker and exploiter of persons, when she was also a victim of these criminal gangs. "

Ziáurriz Ulloa says he could never make the Judicial Power understand the condition of victimization of women, while the real traffickers and pimps, who really kept the money from the exploitation of girls, were never went to jail, were never seen, were not found, nor met.

The truth, he said, is that sometimes it seems that for the authorities the important part is to fulfill statistics, including making anyone pay to be able to brag and say they are working, that they are doing things right, when it is not true, in this sense there is no real situation of justice.

Therefore, today more than ever the Mexican government is bound by the first amendment to the Constitution, to exercise due diligence and to grant us the non-repetition of the events, these issues are of the utmost importance to demand that minors be protected and the investigation of the crime of trafficking, but this requires there to be a partnership between civil society and the media to report what is happening. (S)

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18 Human Trafficking Victims Rescued and four Persons Detained

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MEXICO CITY, August 23. - Four men were arrested in two buildings of Iztapalapa and Cuauhtemoc where human trafficking was exercised. Central Research Attorney for the Attention of the Crime of Trafficking in Persons, Juana Camila Bautista Rebollar, reported that Carlos Murrieta Argüelles, Alfredo Delgado Arteaga, Julio Cesar Flores Aguilar Delgado and Raul Castrowere detained.

The detainees were brought before the criminal court in Male Detention Centre East.

He said that the actions that led to the capture elements were performed by Federal Police based on citizen complaints, which at tracking them, they located two properties: one located on Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas and Fernando Ramirez Colonia Obrera, and the other in San Lorenzo street, Colony Los Angeles, Iztapalapa

One of the properties was advertised through cards promising a "full service".

They had no ad but had the peculiarity that in Obrera Metro station or Metro station UAM they distributed cards with the address, that was their advertising medium," explained the official.

The two secured buildings will be proposed for forfeiture. In both sites they rescued 18 women, aged between 25 and 40 years old, all Mexican nationals. The detainees obtained economic benefits through the sex service that the women exercised in the reffered homes.

The prosecutor explained that the two buildings are connected. In those places worked the same group of women who were even moved from one house to another according to the needs of the moment.

"If one of the sites had too many customers and not enough girls, they transferred a girl from one place to another in order to serve customers," the official of the PGJDF remarked.

The accused were brought before the criminal court on duty in the Eastern Male Detention Centre.

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47 Criminal Networks in Human Trafficking Operate in Mexico

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• Removal of organs and tissues; producing and marketing pornography
• They force their victims into organized crime, slavery and servitude

Human trafficking hits one in 550 people worldwide and generates 42 billion dollars illegally, in Mexico there are 47 criminal groups with profits of up to 28 million dollars, according to the civil organization Red Nacional de Refugios, whose victims are more than 16 thousand children. So says Gilberto Carlos Ornelas, legislator of the Party of the Democratic Revolution in his "Initiative to prevent, treat and eradicate trafficking in persons", who in his explanatory statement to amend various articles of the state Constitution, said: "The current circumstances of mankind have stepped into new forms of slavery and exploitation. It is a combination of several crimes that injure the human dignity ... especially women and children, indigenous people and migrants ". The point is that human trafficking "does not focus exclusively on matters relating to sexual crimes or forms of sexual exploitation, but presents aspects until now unknown or decoded as trafficking." He indicated that according to the United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (UNODC) and the Trafficking in Persons Report of the State Department of the United States of America, "Mexico is listed as a source, transit and destination of human trafficking for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor; considered as the most vulnerable groups of the practice are women and children, indigenous people and undocumented migrants. " He mentioned that while human trafficking is not a new phenomenon, "as it was formerly known as the White Slave Trade(trata de blancas), unfortunately today, because of technology and new forms of communication, coupled with various social problems such as public insecurity, poverty , lack of employment, and impunity, its incidence has increased, reflecting itself through the increase in cases of exploitation in the sexual, working, or begging spheres, through forced labor or services for the benefit of organized crime, slavery, bondage, the sale of people, and forced or servile marriages especially in underserved areas; as well as the removal of organs and tissues and the production and sale of pornography. " Gilberto Carlos Ornelas proposed the establishment of the Interagency Commission to Prevent, Treat and Eradicate Crimes on Trafficking in Persons, which will among other things, create programs and campaigns for the diffusion of preventive measures, information and training on citizenship, and the risks and consequences of trafficking in persons.

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Human Trafficking, Million Dolar Industry for Crimanals – Translated

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Article "Trata de personas, negocio millonario para los criminales" Redactado Por: Delfino GARCÍA CORTEZ traducido al Inglés

Morelia - In Tierra Caliente young women are used as slaves of the plaza bosses, for prostitution, and nobody does anything about it, in such ways that federal authorities have already entered the business, said Teresa Ulloa yesterday, director of the International Association Against Trafficking in Persons, who also affirmed that Michoacan ranks third nationally in this problem. She also mentioned that the association she represents, at the national level, has rescued one thousand 48 young women this year, but unfortunately, 10 percent of them have been found dead. At a press conference, the official noted that the State should provide resources and harmonize the legal framework in general, so they can begin to act in real defense of the young women who are victims of these criminal organizations, which not only use the girls as sexual commodities, but now train them as "hawks, assassins or mules, and the bad thing is that when they get tired of them, they kill them." It is beacause of that, she said, that we have called this press conference. We note the importance of making a proper legal framework in Michoacan, where the defense of these young women who are victims of organized crime is permitted, particularly in the Tierra Caliente, where they forcibly take these young women and no one can do anything. With a little more detail, the also social activist announced that in Michoacan there are at least two municipalities of Tierra Caliente where the problem is very delicate. However, she could not say where exactly because they already have lines of investigation there by federal forces. She even said that in municipalities bordering Guerrero, the situation is also very delicate, as in Lazaro Cardenas. She revealed that in the coastal city there are many people of all kinds, "there is so much movement in this port that at the same time it allows for a lot of trafficking, the local authorities know but little is done, if anything, to eradicate this problem in that city." It´s enough to point out, she said, that many boat drivers end up as the means to commit the crime.
Teresa Ulloa said that in Mexico, between 70 and 80 percent of victims do not file reports because they are threatened, which is why the organization to which she belongs has had to seek federal aid to do the research, due to the fact that there is very little interest from other authorities, who believe that women are not a priority for the state. The delicacy of this, she said, is that the crime of human trafficking is becoming big business for criminal organizations, the problem is as delicate as is the fact that armed groups that have appeared in Tierra Caliente, and they capture more of the attention of the authorities. She stressed that she has been reporting that this phenomenon is widespread throughout the state and, obviously, Morelia is no exception. She recalled that in the government of General Lazaro Cardenas, strong measures were taken to combat the problem, the first thing that was done was to close down bars, pubs and all kinds of places where prostitution is practiced, so did the engineer Cardenas when he was governor. But suddenly, when the PAN began to govern, Morelia began to fill again with disguised brothels, and now there is no one to whipp them into line. Now the problem is more serious, because girls are well prepared to answer all kinds of questions to authority, there's the fact that they are well treated, they do it by choice, they earn well, they are not exploited, that briefing was just for adult women, but now the criminals, or those who manage them, teach them all those kinds of situations to avoid detection by the authorities. She recalled that several years ago she reported that in the famous "triangle" there were young women prostituting themselves and some young men, "one day someone heard me and it was discovered that it was a woman who ran the Tenancingo the girls. This woman, when young , had been a victim of the crime and as she grew they put her in charge of prostituting the girls seen there, but when it became an operative the alleged ´Madame´ was arrested and detained. She was actually not the exploiter, but was a victim of criminals of whom nothing was ever heard. "Therefore, she said that today more than ever the Mexican government is bound by the first amendment to the Constitution, to exercise the due diligence to attack this problem that everyday is becoming increasingly serious. In this area, she said, we must all form alliances, federal authorities, state and municipal, as well as the media and society itself. Finally she stressed that Mexican women are concerned because exrepresentatives and Senators today of different political parties, do little or nothing for their people, "they are happy living off of and charging the public treasury; these men approved in the last legislature a constitutional reform of Article 73 section 21, which states that now it is only the right of Congress to legislate on human trafficking. " That law, she said, was approved on April 24 last year, being published and endorsed by Felipe Calderón Hinojosa on June 14, also of last year, where there was a period in one of the provisions of the law, in which the issues that were established could be adapted, repealed and included. As a researcher she also said that this law has its mistakes, especially on the part defining the crime, nevetheless, it does define competencies and distributes them, it even states what is for the federal, state and municipal levels, and also speaks of the three core strategies to combat human trafficking, which are prevention, protection and prosecution of crime. (S)


Vatican Will Analyze Trafficking in Persons

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VATICAN CITY (Notimex). - The Vatican announced the formation of a preparatory group to analyze the phenomenon of human trafficking in the world and promote actions to combat it, by initiative of Pope Francisco. The group will be coordinated by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC). Its first meeting will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of November. Specialists from around the world, including the leader of the Argentinian association La Alameda and personal friend of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Gustavo Vera, will speak at the headquarters of the Academy located at the Casina Pio IV in the Vatican Gardens. The Vatican Radio reported that the meeting aims to "establish a real situation" of both human trafficking and other "modern forms of slavery" as well as outline "a plan of action to combat them." "No one can deny that human trafficking is a terrible crime against human dignity and a grave violation of fundamental rights," said the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo. "Some observers argue that within a few years the trafficking in persons will exceed trafficking in drugs and weapons, making it the most lucrative criminal activity in the world," he added.
Surprise Call
On the other hand, yesterday news that Francisco surprised a young Italian a few days ago by telephoning him after he wrote a letter was spread. The Italian press reported that Cabizza Stefano, 19, was shocked when he heard the : "Hi, I'm the Pope Francisco", as he answered the phone. "He told me to talk to him casually: Do you think the apostles would speak casually to Jesus? They were his friends, like now you and I, and I speak casually to my friends ," told the young man.

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Efforts Against Human Trafficking United

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The Attorney General of Justice of the State (AGJS) and the International Network of Hearts (INH), reaffirmed their commitment to work together for the defense of victims of trafficking. The achievements between the two institutions have helped dismantle gangs dedicated to human trafficking and caused survivors to receive adequate attention. Alma Tucker, president of INH, civil institution, also announced that it is now operating the shelter where young women are principally receiving medical and psychological care; "The Garden House" is the third of its kind in the nation level and the only one in Baja California. "They're attending girl survivors of human trafficking, it is the third shelter throughout the country, two in Mexico City and this one in Baja California, count on an interdisciplinary team " said Alma Tucker. The President of INH said that in "The Garden House" care with physicians, psychologists, social workers and lawyers, are provided to the victims, currently serving five minors and two adults. On behalf of the Attorney General of Justice of the State, Abel Galván Gallardo Attorney signed the convention against organized crime. Who said that since the Human Trafficking Unit began in 2011, Baja California has raced to address this very vulnerable issue , and the agreement lays the foundation for continued care to the victims. He explained that the Human Trafficking Unit, since its functioning, has rescued 136 victims, thanks to investigations 32 cases have been recorded , with more than 70 people arrested, and of the recorded cases, four sentences have been obtained.

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Three Sentenced in Rosarito for Trafficking in Persons

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TIJUANA, Baja California(PH) or the crime of trafficking in persons in two separate events, three people were sentenced in Playas de Rosarito, which makes four sentences in total.

Claudia Murillo Morales, state director of the Human Trafficking Unit, said that in the first case, two girls aged 3 and 7 years of age were occupationally exploited by his mother, identified as Rosario Gutierrez Arellano.

The girls used to beg and sell candy at the doors of a supermarket in the Fifth Municipality, in addition to being malnourished and neglected, so the sentence was 13 years of imprisonment.

In the other fact Parker Angel Rafael Perez and his girlfriend Elizabeth Rodriguez Navarrete, "The Majella", were sentenced to 12 years in prison, for keeping three young women of 15 and 16 years in captivity for sexual exploitation.

The driver was arrested and was in charge of getting the clients and taking the victims with them; two of the girls were from Sonora and one from Rosarito, so that through the report of her disappearance, they became aware of the fledgling s network of trafficking, said Murillo Morales.He even mentioned that one of the clients, realizing that she was a minor, told the young rosaritense if she was aware that they were committing an offense with her, to which the girl said no so he abstained from having sex with her. The family of this young woman filed a complaint for her location, she was disappeared for several days, after finding her, they began investigations and the taking of statements from her and the other two girls.

They said that "Majella", enveloped them slowly so that they devoted themselves to selling their bodies and benefiting from them, taking advantage of coming from another state, and did not know the region. The state official stressed that to proceed in cases of trafficking in persons, in different ways, you need a report, even if it is anonymous, and there begins the investigation.

With these two sentences, totaling four in all who have been issued in the State, from which came into force the law against trafficking.

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