Efforts Against Human Trafficking United

Efforts Against Human Trafficking United

August 25, 2013 La Casa de Jardin

The Attorney General of Justice of the State (AGJS) and the International Network of Hearts (INH), reaffirmed their commitment to work together for the defense of victims of trafficking.

The achievements between the two institutions have helped dismantle gangs dedicated to human trafficking and caused survivors to receive adequate attention.

Alma Tucker, president of INH, civil institution, also announced that it is now operating the shelter where young women are principally receiving medical and psychological care; “The Garden House” is the third of its kind in the nation level and the only one in Baja California.

“They’re attending girl survivors of human trafficking, it is the third shelter throughout the country, two in Mexico City and this one in Baja California, count on an interdisciplinary team ” said Alma Tucker.

The President of INH said that in “The Garden House” care with physicians, psychologists, social workers and lawyers, are provided to the victims, currently serving five minors and two adults.

On behalf of the Attorney General of Justice of the State, Abel Galván Gallardo Attorney signed the convention against organized crime.
Who said that since the Human Trafficking Unit began in 2011, Baja California has raced to address this very vulnerable issue , and the agreement lays the foundation for continued care to the victims.

He explained that the Human Trafficking Unit, since its functioning, has rescued 136 victims, thanks to investigations 32 cases have been recorded , with more than 70 people arrested, and of the recorded cases, four sentences have been obtained.

This is a translation. Source: http://www.frontera.info/EdicionEnLinea/Notas/Noticias/23082013/744739-Uniran-esfuerzos-contra-la-trata-de-personas.html

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