Every hour in Mexico 3 to 4 children go missing

Every hour in Mexico 3 to 4 children go missing

August 8, 2012 La Casa de Jardin

On average, three to four children disappear every hour in our country [Mexico], according to latest figures obtained by the Senate.

Whether it is hijacking or robbery, abduction, loss or voluntary flight, concerned parents agree that it is the most excruciating pain with which we can hardly survive … A pain multiplied by the indifference and inability of authorities, especially the Attorney General’s Office.

Although early last month the federal government formalized the inclusion of Mexico to the project “Amber Alert”, which aims to form an institutional network for search and localization of early juveniles, in addition to the contempt of police and ministerial bodies, the problem involves lack of relevant legislation and a reliable database and sophisticated methods of payment and abduction by organized crime.

Today, associations and centers dedicated to the healing of victims signal the highest incidence points are babies and young girls whom were traced to cells involved in human trafficking.

“The largest number of reports we receive are stolen children or babies in hospitals and girls between 12 and 18 missing in various parts of the country, almost every day we hear of a case of this kind “, describes Maria Elena Solis, founder and president of the Mexican Association for Stolen and Missing children; whom in the proceeding 15 years of work has helped over a thousand children return to their homes.


The bad news comes from every state, from south to north, without distinction.

Source: http://www.cronica.com.mx/nota.php?id_nota=677990


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