Get to know Virginia Isaías’s story

Get to know Virginia Isaías’s story

July 6, 2012 Human Trafficking

Virginia Isaías during a conference

Virginia Isaías is an American citizen, born in Mexico, and a kidnap victim and survivor of human trafficking.

She grew up in the heart of a violent home, and witnessing the constant abuse of her mother resulted in a difficult childhood for her. When she was 15-years old her father arranged for her to get married without her consent, which only brought her misery and woes.

During her life she went through multiple abuses, the culture of “keeping silent” and keeping a secret all the abuses she went through.

Even after all this she kept moving forward, until a trip she took to Guadalajara with her 6-month old daughter that gave her life a 180 degrees turn.

They were kidnapped and taken to the capital of that country and from there to Oaxaca and from there to Chiapas in which later on she was sold into prostitution for three months.

She was tortured multiple ways and beat up until she was unconscious. She attempted to escape but was recaptured and severely tortured for her attempts at liberty. Fortunately for her, Virginia was successful on her third attempt and she was able to raise $25,000.00 dollars to buy her own daughter’s freedom to escape from their captors.

Even after all the horrors she went through Virginia has now overcome many of her traumas and has taken care of her children. She has brought an extraordinary service from more than 4 years to her community.

She works arduously in helping women who have suffered ill treatment as the ones she suffered.

She has confronted enormous challenges and now she wants to awaken the world’s consciousness regarding this human calamity. She is the Founder of “Survivors of Human Trafficking Foundation” whose Vision is: A world without violence, slavery, exploitation, and survivors of human trafficking living dignified, happy self-fulfilling lives.



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