Go Campaign and Wilmer Valderrama visit The Garden House

Go Campaign and Wilmer Valderrama visit The Garden House

April 17, 2019 La Casa de Jardin

Hollywood actor and social activist Wilmer Valderrama visited the shelters of “La Casa del Jardín”.
Together with the GO CAMPAING group, they learned more about the association and the needs of the children in the different programs.

The visit was of great impact to both the children in the shelters and to the attendees, as the kids showed great interest in getting to know them and thanking them for their great hearts for supporting and visiting them. The kids decided to show their talents with dances and songs that they themselves created for the occasion, and it was a very moving and rewarding moment for all of them.

Having people like Wilmer interested in the subject gives us a platform to be able to take the message to more people and a higher level. We hope that more hearts continue to join social causes such as the International Network of Hearts.

Together we do more!

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