Regular Classified Ads are Seeked to Prevent Trafficking

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MEXICO CITY, Mexico, in December 15, 2013 -. To prevent classified ads in print, electronic or cyber mediums from being used for the commission of crimes relating to trafficking, the Interministerial Commission on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication crimes Trafficking in People and for the Protection and Assistance to Victims of these crimes, determined to regulate the operation and scope of the mechanisms for surveillance and monitoring of such spaces.

During the Seventh Plenary Session of the Inter-Ministerial Commission, chaired by the Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, it was established that the guidelines approved at that meeting promote the participation of the media in campaigns to prevent the crime of trafficking in persons, and the creation of codes of ethics and self-regulation to prevent the practice of offenses related to this topic.
In addition, these guidelines encourage citizen participation in denouncing such ads; they generate the implementation of better practices by the media, and promote coordination with persons and organizations of civil society related to advertising and self-regulation of the media. It was also agreed to boost joint work with the media to advance in the matter and achieve effective self-regulation.

At the meeting of the Interministerial Commission it was also agreed to the formation of working groups to advance the implementation of the Law on the subject. In this regard, in addition to the advisory subcommittee, said groups work on the design of information and dissemination campaigns for the prevention of such crimes and to establish mechanisms to coordinate shelters, halfway houses, shelters and facilities designed for assistance and protection to victims of trafficking.

Also they commit to developing the model of care and protection of victims of trafficking and protocols for the use of procedures and resources for their rescue, the program of social reintegration of victims, as well as designing and implementing the website and database unique to the National Program on the subject, training programs, training and updating for prevention, treatment and punishment of these crimes, and monitoring guidelines for surveillance and monitoring of classified ads.
The members of the Interministerial Commission on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of crimes on Trafficking in Persons and the Protection and Assistance to Victims of these crimes, also endorsed the call for selecting representatives of civil society and academia that will participate in the meetings of this Committee itself.
In the Seventh Plenary Session the strategy for the development and objectives of its National Program was also presented as well as crime prevention and criminal phenomenon awareness, comprehensive assistance and protection to victims of trafficking, and the drive to improve the enforcement and prosecution of these crimes.

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