Three Sentenced in Rosarito for Trafficking in Persons

Three Sentenced in Rosarito for Trafficking in Persons

August 14, 2013 La Casa de Jardin

TIJUANA, Baja California(PH) or the crime of trafficking in persons in two separate events, three people were sentenced in Playas de Rosarito, which makes four sentences in total.

Claudia Murillo Morales, state director of the Human Trafficking Unit, said that in the first case, two girls aged 3 and 7 years of age were occupationally exploited by his mother, identified as Rosario Gutierrez Arellano.

The girls used to beg and sell candy at the doors of a supermarket in the Fifth Municipality, in addition to being malnourished and neglected, so the sentence was 13 years of imprisonment.

In the other fact Parker Angel Rafael Perez and his girlfriend Elizabeth Rodriguez Navarrete, “The Majella”, were sentenced to 12 years in prison, for keeping three young women of 15 and 16 years in captivity for sexual exploitation.

The driver was arrested and was in charge of getting the clients and taking the victims with them; two of the girls were from Sonora and one from Rosarito, so that through the report of her disappearance, they became aware of the fledgling s network of trafficking, said Murillo Morales.He even mentioned that one of the clients, realizing that she was a minor, told the young rosaritense if she was aware that they were committing an offense with her, to which the girl said no so he abstained from having sex with her.
The family of this young woman filed a complaint for her location, she was disappeared for several days, after finding her, they began investigations and the taking of statements from her and the other two girls.

They said that “Majella”, enveloped them slowly so that they devoted themselves to selling their bodies and benefiting from them, taking advantage of coming from another state, and did not know the region.
The state official stressed that to proceed in cases of trafficking in persons, in different ways, you need a report, even if it is anonymous, and there begins the investigation.

With these two sentences, totaling four in all who have been issued in the State, from which came into force the law against trafficking.

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