Underage offenders always Imprisoned in Human Trafficking Cases

Underage offenders always Imprisoned in Human Trafficking Cases

September 5, 2013 La Casa de Jardin

In Mexico’s prisons there are young offenders of the crime of trafficking in persons, and not the leaders of these criminal gangs, who were never located, this was pointed out in a recent interview to this newspaperby Teresa Ulloa Ziáurriz Regional Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America.

The activist said that some years ago, and after she made several complaints and reports ​​to state authorities, that in the said “triangle” minors were trafficked , they finally decided to conduct a police operation, in which they arrested several people, including the “madam” that prostituted them, but, she said, when relevant research was conducted, it turned out she was also a victim of the criminals.

The interviewee says that she no longer remembers the name of the woman who was involved in prostituting minors in the “triangle”, she just knows that she was a cousin of the leader of a gang of criminals from Tenancingo, which had been brought to Morelia from 12 years of age to be sexually exploited.

“When this child reached adulthood, she was no longer suitable for this market, she no longer met the requirements, and was then when she was put to care, to introduce the new teenagers, therefore, when the operation was conducted she was detained, she was accused of being the real trafficker and exploiter of persons, when she was also a victim of these criminal gangs. ”

Ziáurriz Ulloa says he could never make the Judicial Power understand the condition of victimization of women, while the real traffickers and pimps, who really kept the money from the exploitation of girls, were never went to jail, were never seen, were not found, nor met.

The truth, he said, is that sometimes it seems that for the authorities the important part is to fulfill statistics, including making anyone pay to be able to brag and say they are working, that they are doing things right, when it is not true, in this sense there is no real situation of justice.

Therefore, today more than ever the Mexican government is bound by the first amendment to the Constitution, to exercise due diligence and to grant us the non-repetition of the events, these issues are of the utmost importance to demand that minors be protected and the investigation of the crime of trafficking, but this requires there to be a partnership between civil society and the media to report what is happening. (S)

This is a translation. Source: http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldemorelia/notas/n3099844.htm

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